1. CERAMOSIDES – (Ceramides) from France 🇫🇷. CERAMOSIDES technology is the best source of ceramides in the world. It will help increase the amount of ceramides in the skin. Proven effective within 14 days! 

✅ Anti Aging 
✅ Skin protection 
✅ Increases skin moisture 
✅ Reduces skin wrinkles 
✅ Improve elasticity of Skin
 ✅ 100% plant (wheat) 
✅ Free from GLUTEN
 2. HYTOLIVE – Technology from Spain 🇪🇸 HYTOLIVE technology is the world’s best hydroxytyrosol supplier, the hydroxytyrosol content that can greatly help improve health. 
✅ Source of olive fruit 
✅ 100% natural Hydroxytyrasol 
✅ Best antioxidant in the world 
✅ Anti-Inflammation 
✅ Anti-Cancer 
✅ Anti-Platelet 
✅ Anti-Bacteria 
✅ Cardio-protective (reduces LDL cholesterol) 
3. SAKURA EXTRACT – Cherry Blossom The study from the Japanese Cosmetics Industry Association (JCIA) proves that Sakura’s flower extract is very effective to help restore beauty, skin perfection and reduce signs of aging. 
✅ Protects the skin from free radicals 
✅ Anti Aging 
✅ Maintaining Softness & Skin Moisture 
✅ Brightens the skin 
✅ Prevent inflammation on the skin 
4. CURCUMIN Original source of Turmeric. Proven effective over various health problems which can prevent & kill cancer cells. 
✅ Anti Inflammation 
✅ Anti Cancer 
✅ Anti Aging 
✅prevent brain disease 
✅ Fight bacterial infections 
✅ Helps Overcome Arthritis and Joint Pain
 5. Gymnema Sylvestre (Gurmar) Plants come from india, have been used from ancient times to cure diabetes. 
✅ Destroyer of Sugar 
✅ Reduces the sugar content in the blood 
✅ Increase insulin production 
✅ Reduces the desire/ craving for sugar 
✅ Reduce the risk of heart disease 
✅ Anti-Inflammation 6. Pomegranate (Pomegranate) Pomegranate is a world-renowned fruit for its goodness for health and beauty. Anti-oxidants in pomegranate are found to be three times more than red wine and green tea 
✅ Anti-inflammatory 
✅ Avoiding Prostate Cancer 
✅ Avoid Breast Cancer 
✅ Lowering Blood Pressure 
✅ Helps Overcome Arthritis and Joint Pain 
✅ Increase the number of testosterone 
✅ Prevent Jaunt disease 
✅ The content of Vitamin C 
✅ Strengthen Memory 
7. MIX BERRIES (Blackbery, Blueberry, Raspberry & Elderberry) Berries are among the healthiest foods. 
✅ Anti-oxidants 
✅ Anti-Diabetic 
✅ High fiber content 
✅ High nutrient content
 ✅ Reduces bad cholesterol 
✅ Anti-Inflammation 
✅ Anti-Cancer
✅ Maintain skin health 
8. PEACH FRUIT – rich in many vitamins, minerals, and fiber 
✅ Helps healthy digestion
 ✅ Improve heart health
 ✅ Maintain skin health 
✅ Anti-Cancer 
✅ Reduces excess sugar Interested? 
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